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We have a very large site with over 500 products listed in CAD!  If you’ve seen us at the trade shows, you know how extensive our set up is.  In order to keep navigation simple, we  have organized our site on this page visually. All our categories are listed in the columns, with the very top box of each column being the main category.  Click on any picture to take you to the products you would like to browse. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Store Categories:

Handmade Soaps
maple leaf
100% Natural Soaps
eucalyptus300x200Essential Oils or Unscented options.
Fragrance Oil Soaps
buttercream300x20099% Natural Fragrance Oil Soaps.
Aesthetically Challenged
aesmain300x200Our ENDS or Aesthetically Challenged Soaps.
The Soap Bar Organics®
 blue 1000x750You can buy Soap Bar Organics soap here.
store slider bodybutter
Body Butters

store slider body butter

We have over 30 different body butters!

Pure Whipped Shea Butter

store slider shea butter-300pxWe are importers for shea butter and can do sales from 4oz containers to thousands of kilograms.

100% Soy Butter Salves

soy butter salve For extremely dry and painful skin.

Lip Balms

lip balm300x200 100% vegan. Made with only 4 simple ingredients!

Face, Bath & Body

Bath Bombs

bath bomb dreamstime_13967125Our bath bombs are loaded with moisturizing oils to soothe your skin while you destress in the bath.

Bath Milks
bath salts dreamstime_14509026Excellent for dry, itchy or painful skin.
Bath Salts
bath salts dreamstime_17809586We have a whopping 15+ scents in bath salts.
Facial Cleansers

Facial cleansers and masks.facial_scrubs300x200

Foot Care
for ya body dreamstime_6065893Foot care at its finest, including Foot Scrubs and Warming Foot Masks.   This section will be completed soon.
Massage Oils
Two flaks with massage oil as closeup on wood100% organic massage oils.  This section will be completed soon.
Sugar Scrubs
body scrubOrganic oil based and soap based Scrubs.
Products for Hair

store slider shampoos-300x200

Hard Shampoos

shampoo_300x200Our classic hard soap based shampoo.

Liquid Shampoos

shower gel dreamstime_14175948These are new and very popular!

conditioner300x200Handmade in our facility.  We have over 15 scents in stock.
Leave In Conditioners

COMING SOON!leave in conditioner

And there’s more…

…we told you the site was big!

Favours - Will Be Up Soon!
Soap Favours

favours soapWe offer an almost infinite range of favours for weddings, bridal showers and baby showers.

Lip Balm Favours

lip-balm-300x200Second to soap, lip balms are a very popular choice for favours.

Bath Salts Favours

favours bath saltsA perfect way to thank your guests on your special day.

Bath Bomb Favours

bath bombs spa-decor-thumb2076898A Personalized and useful thank you to your guests.



Bridal Showers


Baby Showers


Hostess Gifts


Baskets - Will Be Up Soon!
Christmas Baskets
Personal Care ItemsWe offer countless options for your personalized baskets.
Friendship Baskets

Good friends give you gifts you will actually use!

Get Well Soon Baskets

baskets get well soon

Mother's Day Baskets
Aroma care

Mom’s special day.

New Home Baskets
baskets new homeAn exciting time in anyone’s life.  Send the very best in our home line.
Newborn Baby Baskets
plush hippo letters baby

An new baby needs the very best in natural bath and body.

Valentine's Day Baskets
basket valentines

By far our most popular basket!

Products for Home - Coming Soon!
home sweet home intro

home sweet home incense-3We make our own!  Our scents are quite strong.

Linen Water

home sweet home linenGreat for spraying onto bed linens, towels, furniture and clothing to give you that fresh clean feeling, without the chemicals in store bought versions.

Reed Diffusers

home sweet home reed diffusersWeeks of fragrance without flame, chemicals or plug ins!

Gift Certificates

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