Where are you located?

We are located and manufacture all our products in Burlington, Ontario.

Do you have a store?

No, we  do not.  We started off as a manufacturer and wholesaler.  We produce everything in Burlington.  While our site is completely awesome and you can buy everything online, we do understand that you want to smell the new scents, ask us questions and well, just socialize!  We get it.  We do over 100+ days of trade shows, fairs and festivals.  Our event calendar is found here.

Where can I get a brochure for your company?

We generally don’t mass print anything.  It’s kinda our thing about wasting paper and being good to our fragile Earth.  We have our brochure online here, but we do keep a supply on hand at our shows and if you would like one included with your order, just let us know in the comments field when you’re checking out.

How do I contact you?

Your questions, comments, & suggestions are greatly appreciated. For fastest response, please send an email via our contact us page.  We are often not available by phone during standard “office hours” because we are in the warehouse, manufacturing product, picking up ingredients, receiving semi truck deliveries, or preparing orders to be shipped. In order to offer our low pricing, we keep staff to a minimum. We are able to respond to emails frequently throughout the day, though & look forward to hearing from you!

Do you provide free samples?

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we do not offer free samples unless you are placing an order with us. We are happy to send out a small sized one time use sample of another scent or product if you want.  Just ask in the customer message field of your order at check out.


Do you take returns?

No, we are sorry but bath and body products are hygienic and cannot be resold.  We’re pretty sure you would not want a returned or exchanged body butter and so we have to offer the highest quality and safety to our customers.  We strongly recommend that you try our products at any of our trade shows to test for quality, scent and performance before purchasing.  As always, we’re always more than happy to answer any questions.  You can get us here.

Do you take exchanges?

No, we  do not.  We are sorry but due to hygienic reasons, we cannot offer any returns or exchanges on our product.  Because we are a very small company, the disposal cost for returns and exchanges is too high for us to offer.  Please feel free try all our products at our many shows or ask us any questions before you purchase any of our products.


Where does my order ship from?

Your order ships from our Burlington manufacturing facility located at:

1153 Pioneer Road
Unit 4
Burlington, ON
L7M 1K5.

We are sorry but our facility warehouse has no showroom/retail area, however you can arrange a time with us and pickup any order that you place and pay for online.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.  We have been fortunate to have a strong relationship with Canada Post and so we get some pretty good rates.  More information on shipping is here.

How much extra does shipping cost?

While it depends on the location, shipping within all of Ontario is $9.00 plus tax.  We offer free shipping on all orders over $85.00.  Shipping to all western provinces, including British Coloumbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba,  is $13.50 and shipping to the Atlantic provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland is $13.00.  Shipping to La Belle Province, Quebec, is $11.00.  These rates do not apply to bulk orders, wholesale orders and wedding/bridal/baby shower favours.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, on all orders subtotalling $85 or more, before taxes.  We offer free shipping on wholesale orders over $500.  And if your bulk order or order for favours of any kind is over $200, you also get free shipping.

Where is my tracking number?

We send out a separate email directly from Canada Post with your tracking information to the email you provide to us when you create an account with us. Please check your spam folder. You can also easily login your account to view all of your account history. Once logged in, just click on ORDER HISTORY to get a complete record of your orders.


Where are your soaps manufactured?

All our soaps are handmade in our manufacturing facility in Burlington, Ontario.

Are your products vegan?

No, they are not all vegan.  99% of our soaps are, with the exception of course of Goats Milk, Oatmeal & Honey.  Our shampoos are all vegan, with the exception of Japanese Cherry Blossom Shampoo with Emu Oil.  Our body butters do contain beeswax as a bonding agent to keep water and oil emulsified.  Again, with the exception of Emu Oil in the Japanese Cherry Blossom Shampoo, we do pride ourselves on not using animal fats in all our other products.  Emu oil has helped some of our customers suffering with eczema and psoriasis.  We introduced the shampoo back in 2012 for their benefit.  If you let us know, we can easily make this shampoo for you without the Emu Oil added or you can choose from 13 other scents!

What are the ingredients of your soaps?

Our ingredients do vary.  Each soap on this website has a profile page and all the ingredients are duly noted.  Just click on any soap, and at the bottom of the page is a detailed information tab that tells you everything and anything you need to know about that particular soap.  It is important to note that we are registered with and therefore regulated by Health Canada, which means we take pride in our ingredients and know that any claim we make about our soaps, body butters, shampoos, etc. is monitored by Health Canada.  Generally, our soaps contain Veggie Shortening (a soy product), canola (a great Canadian invention), coconut oil (which gives soap its lather), palm kernal oil (which makes the bars nice and hard so that they last a long time), sugar (gives soap bubbles), lye (don’t believe the hype, all soap contains lye!), fragrance (can be 100% essential oils or fragrance oils).  There’s also quite a bit of information on this site about Why Our Soap Is Better and What Makes Us Different sections.

Can you help me formulate my own products?

We make every effort to provide as much information as possible regarding our products. For legal reasons, we are limited as to what “advice” we can offer regarding formulating, though. Creating your own products is a very personal thing, so what works for one person & in one market may not work for another. We encourage you to thoroughly test and evaluate all of your products prior to making them available to your customers.  For our Canadian customers, we strongly recommend you work within the parameters set out by Health Canada.  Contact them directly or work with one of their agents.  They can steer you in the right direction regarding laws and ingredient guidelines for manufacturing and selling cosmetics in Canada.

What is SLS? What does it mean?

SLS or as it’s known chemically, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, is a foaming agent that is added to cosmetics to give them a number of qualities, but mainly lather, slip and slide.  It is added to soap for obvious reasons:  foam and lather.  Some research studies at reputable schools have linked SLS to skin conditions, itchiness, dryness and even certain cancers. While nothing has been conclusively we cannot confirm the research, we do believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.  A hundred years ago, foam, lather and slip was obtained by adding rich, emollient and moisturizing oils.  We obtain all the wonderful qualities that folks love in soap and lotions by using good quality, sustainable oils.  You can read more on SLS here.

Do your products have SLS in them?

We do not have any products in our line that have SLS in them.

What are parabens?

Here is some further information on parabens.   Parabens do not have a clean track record and a number of studies have linked them to breast cancer.  Again, we believe in being safe than sorry and simply do not use this preservative in our products.

Are your products paraben free?

Paraben research is ongoing.  More recent studies in 2013 and 2014 have shown they do have a link with some cancers.  We like to be safe than sorry, and so as of 2010, SkinliciousSoaps™ no longer uses parabens, as a preservative in our products.

Do you have unscented products?

Yes, we do.  In fact, every single product we make, we offer an unscented option.  As such, we have two unscented soaps, 1)  Unscented Soap and 2) Shea Butter Soap, Unscented Body Butter, Unscented Shaving Cream, Unscented Shampoo, Unscented Conditioner and Unscented Massage Oils.  Since we make all our products by hand, we can specially make any item for you with no scent.  Please give us a call.  We’re happy to help!

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are used in fragrance oils.  Over the years there have been some concerns related to their use.  It is expected that they will be phased out in the next few years.  SkinliciousSoaps™ has already phased them out.  We seek fragrance oils manufacturers who have Phthalate free products.

Do you have a question for us? Ask away!

We usually answer all emails in about 3 to 4 hours.  You can call too, but it’s 2015!  Send an email!

We are now back from our extended holiday. We are actively processing your orders as of today and you will be receiving them this week. Best, Ashfa and John Dismiss