Hello, we're Skinlicious Soaps™

  • ALL Natural!
  • 100%Vegan!
  • NO Animal Fats!
  • GMO Free!
  • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)!
  • NO Parabens!
  • NO Petroleum By-Products!
  • Preservative Free Soaps!
  • No Methylisothiazolinone!
  • Organic Oils when available!
Skinlicious Soaps™ Ltd. is a Canadian company making handmade, ethically sourced plant based products since 2003. During this time, we have seen a lot of soap companies come and go.  Skinlicious Soaps™ has persevered by staying true to its original philosophy: to make products that are as natural as possible, as fresh as possible and as green as possible!  We stand proudly by our founding words:  Being Good to the Earth Starts by Being Good to Yourself!™.  Our customers, new and old, love our products and there are many reasons for that love , including:
  • Local – we work, produce and ship right from our workspace in Burlington, ON;
  • Everything is made by hand – we mean our hands.  Unlike many soap companies, we don’t buy our soap from a third party and then resell it as our own.  If you have seen us at the retails shows, you know our soap is made by hand, fresh for you;
  • Our products are as natural as possible.  Our soaps are 100% natural.  Contain no preservatives and we opt for essential oils or high quality fragrance oils in our products;
  • Our body butters, facial scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, salves, lip balms and any other product we offer are ALL paraben free;
  • No harsh chemicals – we offer a large range of products that are SLS free, no sulfates, phthalate (notice the overall hazard listed for these chemicals) free, no silicone, no formaldehyde, free of petroleum by products and methylisothiazolinone free;
  • Friendly and accessible: No automated call centre.  We do over 200 days of shows per year.  You can always get us live at a show or you can give us a call at 647-300-2245 or just contact us here.

All of our Soaps are “Cold-Pressed,” which means that they have been formulated in such a fashion so as to keep the “fat molecule larger” in our Moisturizing Agents. What this means is the our Luxury Soap Bars are really Lotion Bars, as compared with the “Detergent Bars” you will find on most Grocery Store Shelves. You will experience a much higher moisture level on your skin. One Customer said it all, “One Sniff and You will Never Go Back.”

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We are now back from our extended holiday. We are actively processing your orders as of today and you will be receiving them this week. Best, Ashfa and John Dismiss