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This is Skinlicious Soaps’™ new line of soaps.  Soap Bar Organics® offers large 5.5 oz, great smelling, cold processed bars of soap priced at $6.00 each or 5 for $22.00* with a gift box!  We now have over 35 different scents to choose from!

We love questions!  Here are some common FAQ on The Soap Bar Organics®.


What is the The Soap Bar Organics®?

Soap Bar Organics® is a brand new line of olive oil based soaps which all natural, vegan, contain NO SLS, No Parabens, NO preservatives, NO palm oil, NO petroleum by-products, are GMO free, and contain Organic Shea Butter.


Why did you start a second line of soaps?

To offer a brand new fun, ready to use, completely cured and awesomely packaged value line of soaps, ideal for everyday use, as well as wedding or shower favours, gift giving, resellers of soap and wholesalers.



Does The Soap Bar Organics use essential oils?

The Soap Bar Organics® uses high quality fragrance oils for its soaps.  The parent company, Skinlicious Soaps™, will continue to make top notch 100% Essential Oils Soaps.


Will you always offer both lines at shows?

Yes, we will carry both lines at most of our shows.  Eventually, however Soap Bar Organics® will grow up, leave the nest, and have its own booth. *sniff*


Do you make this new soap as well?

We sure do!  We don’t import or have any third party make our soaps.  This questionable practice is common for other soapmakers, but we continue to make everything by OUR OWN hands.


Will I get a gift box if I purchase 5 bars online as well?

Yes, this entire line is ideal for gift giving.  For every 5 bars you purchase online,they will come in our Ultimate 5 Pack Gift Box.


What's in this new soap?

Every product on this site has ingredients listed in the Additional Information tab.  The base ingredients for The Soap Bar Organics® soaps are:  Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and organic Shea Butter.  To many of the soaps, we also add sea salt, oatmeal, mint leaves and rose petals.



Do you personalize soap wrappers?

Yes, we do!  Our minimum order is 100 bars for private labelling for wholesale orders and for favours for weddings and showers.


Why can I not gift the soaps from Skinlicious Soaps™?

You can!  Just not right away. The soaps from Skinlicious Soaps™ are not cured, but are still raw when cut.  These fresh soaps are still sticky and tacky, are not ideal for immediate gifting or use, and usually need 10 days to harden up before use.


Why are most of The Soap Bar Organics' soaps mostly sold out online in January and February?

This soap is so popular that we sell out during our Christmas retail shows.  You can’t beat 5 large 5.5 oz bars for $20.00.  We then remake all the soap in January, cut the bars in late February, and wrap them  in March.  You’ll see most of the soap back in stock by then!



Does Soap Bar Organics offer the same great benefits as Skinlicious Soaps?

Yes and no.  Because, the Soap Bar Organics® is all natural, cold process soap, and contains no SLS or Parabens, it is far better than any store or boutique bought soaps.  But because it’s also completely cured soap (ready to use), it has now completed its chemical reaction and so it’s no longer secreting rich oils, which in an raw soap, help soothe and nourish dry, itchy skin.

Any other questions?


Have you seen our new line?

Here are some recent pictures of the soaps and the packaging.  You can also buy The Soap Bar Organics soaps on this website!


 Great Skincare!

The Soap Bar Organics® follows the same principles as Skinlicious Soaps™.  No SLS, No Parabens, No preservatives, NO GMOs, No petroleum by-products, No Phthalates and NO Methylisothiazolinone.  


 Great Value!

Our bars are 5.5 oz big and priced $6.00 each. We’re pretty confident that you won’t find the same sized bars for less! We created The Soap Bar Organics to actively keep up with the competition.



In our efforts to respect the environment and empower communities, particularly women and children, The Soap Bar Organics® pairs with organizations who support both causes by using certified organic Shea Butter.  


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We make have over 100 varieties!

Custom Wrappers!

We’ll do everything, including private labelling!  


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Whether you need 100 bars (our minimum) or you need 50,000 bars, The Soap Bar Organics ® is your perfect choice for your wholesale needs!  Visit our Wholesale Page for details.


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